Argentina has rapidly emerged as a powerhouse in the world of wine. Mendoza serves as the epicentre of wine production in the country, surrounded by regions like San Juan, Cordoba, La Rioja, Jujuy, Catamarca to the North, and Rio Negro, and Neuquen to the South. Among red wines, Malbec takes the lead, occupying 35% of all vineyard plantings. It is followed by Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, and other popular international varieties. For white wines, Pedro Gimenez dominates with 29% of plantings, trailed by Torrontes Riojano, Chardonnay, Chenin, and Torrentes Sanjuanino. Argentina’s wines benefit from the remarkable diversity of climates, altitudes, and soil types. While the industry is still in its early stages on a global scale, the wines demonstrate tremendous potential to reach world-class status with time.

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In 1997, a remarkable collaboration took place between Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA, and Eduardo Guilisasti Tagle, Chairman of Vina Concha y Toro S.A. Their shared vision was to create an extraordinary wine that would embody the essence of both France and Chile, leading to the birth of Almaviva.

This Franco-Chilean wine stands as a testament to their partnership, showcasing the fusion of expertise and passion from two renowned wine entities.

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The end of communism in Hungary marked a significant turning point, leading to various new beginnings. One notable development for wine enthusiasts was the establishment of the Royal Tokaji Company.

Wine writer Hugh Johnson and a group of international investors came together with a shared vision to revive the splendid, sweet wines of Hungary. Today, the Royal Tokaji Company stands as a benchmark for the extraordinary wines of the region.

Their range encompasses a spectrum of flavours, from the 3 Puttonyos wines with approximately 60-90 grams of residual sugar per litre, to the intensely rich Essencia with 450-850 grams. These wines provide a truly unique experience, offering drinkers a captivating glimpse into one of the world’s finest wine styles.

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Portugal’s winemaking heritage is rooted in a history that stretches back to the time of the Romans. This remarkable country is also renowned for being the birthplace of one of the world’s most cherished treasures: Port. Among the esteemed Port Houses, Warre’s stands as an iconic figure. Established in 1670 by the visionary duo of Clarke and Thornton, it holds the distinction of being the oldest British-owned Port House and remains a trailblazer in the realm of Port production.

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A collaboration between two esteemed wine families, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, the visionary behind Chateau Mouton Rothschild, and Robert Mondavi, an acclaimed vintner from Napa Valley. Together, they founded Opus One, driven by a shared passion for winemaking excellence. By melding their rich winemaking traditions and embracing innovative techniques, their mission was clear: to craft an unparalleled wine that captures the essence of Napa Valley’s heart and soul.

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