DO Ribera del Duero, which translates to “banks on the river Duero” lies on the Northern plains of the Castilla y Leon region, this wine-growing region is conveniently located just a 90-minute drive North of Madrid.

Situated at an elevation of over 800 meters above sea level, it stands as one of Europe’s highest wine-growing areas. Established in 1982, the DO Ribera del Duero boasts a rich winemaking heritage spanning several centuries. The region’s primary grape varieties include Arbillo and Tempranillo, also known as Tinto Fino or Tinta del Pais, alongside scattered plantings of Bordeaux varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Merlot.

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The Priorat wine region is nestled in the province of Tarragona, spanning an impressive 1800 hectares. This exceptional terroir boasts distinctive black slate and quartz soils, famously known as Ilicorella, setting the stage for extraordinary winemaking.

Notably, Priorat is one of only two wine regions in Spain to achieve the prestigious DOCa (DOQa in Catalan) designation, the highest recognition for Spanish wines. With a rich history dating back to the 12th century, this region is cherished for producing some of the world’s rarest and most highly sought-after wines.

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